For Sale: W&H Novoflex – 10 Colour Gearless Flexo Press

Polygraphica have available for sale the following W&H Novoflex, 10 Colour Gearless Flexo Press.

It is rare for such a highly specified W&H Novoflex press to come available on the used market, it is advisable to register your interest quickly as this machine will sell quickly.

The press is in excellent condition and is still in production. We can arrange a full demonstration of the press prior to any sale.

Removal of the machine is required by end of March 2017.

Year of manufacture: 2005

Latest generation and one of most advanced presses, fully sleeve based and computer controlled
Materials printed: Paper, Carton Board and films BOPP
Number of colours: 10
Maximum web width: 1320 mm
Maximum print width: 1270 mm
Print repeat: 370-800 mm
Turret auto unwind, maximum roll diameter: 1300 mm
Turret auto unwind, maximum roll diameter: 1300 mm
PC supervisory system W & H protocol
Automatic impression control W & H easy set
Auto wash system W & H turbo clean
Ink pumps
Print sleeves and anilox rollers as available

Please contact Mike Kennedy at or telephone +44 1924 200444 for further details on the W&H Novoflex we have available for sale.


W&H Novoflex For Sale

W&H Novoflex For Sale

W&H Novoflex For Sale

W&H Novoflex For Sale

W&H Novoflex For Sale

W&H Novoflex For Sale

W&H Novoflex For Sale

W&H Novoflex For Sale

W&H Novoflex For Sale

W&H Novoflex For Sale

FOR SALE – Complete Magazine Printing / Publication Factory

Polygraphica have available for immediate sale the following Complete Magazine Publishing Factory.

The factory has been producing high quality glossy publication magazines, such as Hello, Hola, Grazia, etc.

The factory has closed due to bankruptcy and all the machines are now available for immediate purchase.

The whole plant is available but we are also open to offers on all individual items of the factory.

Please contact Mike Kennedy on +44 1924 200444 or on

Rotogravure Plant For Sale


Cylinder Preperation + KBA TR6B 8 Colour Rotogravure


Cerutti R135 – 8 Colour Rotogravure Presses


Cerutti R135 – 8 Colour Rotogravure Presses


Saddle Stitchers


Strapping and Wrapping Machines


Heidelberg CD102 LX – 6 Colour + UV Coater

Polygraphica have available for sale the following Heidelberg Speedmaster CD102, 6 Colour Press + UV Coater.  The press is in excellent used condition and is still used in daily production.


Impression Count: Circa 75 million
Configuration: Straight 6 Colour Plus Coater with Extended Delivery
Sheet Size: Max Sheet Size 720 x 1020 mm
Max Speed: 15,000 iph
Max Sheet Size: 720 x 1020 mm
CPC 1-04 with CP Tronic (Classic Centre)
Alcolor Vario Dampening
Technotrans Refrigeration & Recirculation Unit
IST/GEW UV Interdeck
All Units with Interdeck Preperation
3 x Interdeck Lamps
3 x End of Press UV Lamps in Delivery
Grafix Powder Spray Device
Non Stop Feeder & Delivery
Intercom System

For further information please contact Mike Kennedy on +44 1924 200444 or email

Mark Andy 2200H – 12 Colour Full Servo Label Press

Polygraphica have available for immediate delivery the following, unique Mark Andy 2200H Full Servo Label Press.

Primarily used for development of new product ideas, the press has not been used in full production therefore is in excellent condition and has no signs of any major wear to any parts.

The press offers you an opportunity to develop and produce unique label products, giving you competitive advantage over all your competitors, allowing for increased profitability and a quick return on your investment.

MARK ANDY 2200 H 13” 12 COLOUR, FULL SERVO, FILM & PAPER PRESS      Year of manufacture: 2009 

Primary machine and motion control
Shaftless servo drive unit and control with 750fpm maximum line speed, 240volt 60hz system
Full Rexroth servos throughout, 29 in total
Alan Bradley control
40” floor mounted cantilever unwind with transducer closed loop infeed pacing
Corotec Corona treater with ozone destruction unit
Ultrasonic sensor web guide for film
Additional 40” floor mounted cantilever unwind with DC motor drive c/w a servo driven digitally Controlled auxiliary web tension module for ultra thin films
4 x aerial mounted digitally tension controlled 32” capacity laminator/unwinds
Master control/sheeting module c/w closed loop exit pacing with transducer feed back
One remote human machine interface
2 x 40” floor mounted servo driven rewinds with taper tension control
Rider roll on 1st rewind
Length: approximately 48feet, 14.5metres
Manuals are available

Printing, Drying, Curing, & Registration
12 x print stations with Teflon coated idlers for film
12 x plate cylinders 12” repeat
16 x anilox rolls, 2 SMYK sets, plus assorted higher BCM’s for coating applications
1 x peristaltic ink pump, 2 gallon capacity, for gravure chamber
9 x hot air drying positions with enhanced hot air drying tunnels for film
2 x GEW maxim cool cure UV lamps 400w/in with UVT MLS UV power supply system
2 x Phoseon LED UV lamps, 16w/cm2
1 x Phoseon LED UV lamps, 8w/cm2 for pinning
6 line water chiller for UV LED lamps
BST Powerscope 3000 vision system
Capability for electronic registration control ERC + constant error correction CEC
Mark Andy 8” band width slot die coating head, ambient to +850c
Delpro 8” band width gravure print/coating chambered doctor blade unit, adjustable top blade angle

Die Cutting, Scoring, & Waste
7 x standard die cut stations/positions
1 x deep die station/position, special single extended die cut module, optional
5 x 16″ repeat magnetic flexi die cylinders
4 x pairs of Rotometrics hydro jacks
3 x die hoists, fixed transverse beam
1 x die hoist, swinging beam
5 x 30” aerial mounted waste rewinds
2 x Rotometrics RD scorers
2 edge trim/slitters

Additional Web Handling
Turn bar
Delam relam unit
Multiple web gantry transport system
Additional gantry mounted ultrasonic sensor web guide for film
Full over and under idler roll sets
It can process supported and unsupported films and multiple webs (5) in thicknesses from 8mil down to 0.5mil
A uniquely flexible and capable machine

The machine has been used for development of new products and innovations, it has never been used for production.

The press is available for immediate shipment in its present format however the press can be reconfigured to any specific requirements.

Please contact Andrew Lapish on +44 1924 200444 to discuss the capabilities and opportunites of this unique Mark Andy 2200 Label Press.Mark Andy 2200H Mark Andy 2200H

For Sale: PCMC Infinity – 8 Colour Gearless Flexo Press

Polygraphica have for sale the following PCMC Gearless Flexo Press.

The press has been used within the food packaging industry and has been kept in excellent clean condition and also it has been regularly serviced and maintained.

Year of manufacture: 2000
Maximum web width: 1270mm
Minimum web width: 357mm
Maximum print width: 1245mm
Print repeat range: 355-762mm
Maximum unwind/rewind diameter: 813mm
Maximum rewind diameter: 813mm
Maximum weight on unwind/rewind: 637kg
Unwind/rewind core diameter 3” and  6”
Huge number of spares and accessories including:-
Approximately 34 Anilox rollers of various volumes
Approx 840 print sleeves of varying repeat lengths (5mm pitch)
Heaford Cobra Mounting machine

If you have an interest in this press please contact for further information.

For Sale: Nilpeter FB2500 – 6 Colour Label Press

Polygraphica have available for sale the following Nilpeter FB2500 6 Colour Label Presses which has just recently become available for sale.

Year of manufacture: 2011
Web and print width: 273mm
Repeat range: 139.7–609.6mm
Maximum speed: 228m/min
Standard unwind and infeed
Number of colours: 6
UV stations x 2
Hot air dryers x 4
Rotary die stations x 2

If the above press is of interest please contact me at or call +44 1924 200444

If you require any further information regarding any of the above machines or services Polygraphica provide please do not hesitate to contact me.


For Sale: Comexi FX2108 – 8 Colour CI Flexo Press

We have available for immediate sale the following Comexi FX2108 CI Flexo Press.

Originally manufactured in 1996, the press is in excellent clean condition and comes with many spare items.  The press is still electrically connected to view it turning over.

Comexi FC2108 – 8 Colour CI Flexo Press – Age:  1996

Web Width: 47″ (1200mm)
Automatic programmatic with robot. Cylinders are automatically load on drum
Non stop unwinder & rewinder in diameter 900mm
Chiller for the drum
Solvent Ink but can print waterbed ink
This machine was printing film
Returning bar to print: 7+1 or 4+4 or 2+6 etc…
Gas drying with 2 burners. Tune 6 meters long
Climatised Electrical cabinet
Max speed: 350/mn
Repeat: until 1000mm
Over 30 sets of (8+) Plate cylinders for sleeves:
Shaft for sleeves: 8X380, 15X490, 8X780
Anilox: 2X80 l/cm, 6X100, 12X120, 13X160, 10X200, 26X320
Sold with all accessories: Robot for sleeves, graving machine, washing machine, mounting machine
Needs 2 people to run it
Dimension: L 25m X l 8m X h 5,8m
Support: PE 15microns
Machine still On-line and plug. Can run electrically but it is not possible to do inked test

Run abound 2300 hours a year and cost around 2 Million euros new.

Contact for further information.